At MAVI’s Commbucha, we are brewing some fizzy, energising and refreshing booch-love for you. Basically, MAVI’s Commbucha is handcrafted fermented tea which apart from having a long list of amazing health benefits, also keeps your taste buds tickling making it perfect for social drinking, as a non-alcoholic beverage as well as a mixer. From the beginning, we have ensured that we keep the experimentation and innovation going, so we offer a wide variety of perennial and seasonal flavours like plums, oranges, watermelon, the list goes on, we have something for every kind of palate!

Our Brews

Wondering where all the Magic began brewing

Our Story

Well, one fine day, Vikram and Mashi were spending some chill time with their friends in the US when Mashi decided to try out some Kombucha that their friends brewed at home. That’s where the Booch-addiction started! They got some culture back to India (LITERALLY!) and started brewing it here, everybody in their family loved it. However, they never thought of taking it up professionally. Encouraged by all the appreciation, in March this year, they finally decided to put up a stall at a farmers market in Mumbai. To their surprise, they were sold-out the very first day. From then on, they have never looked back!

Vikram and Mashi envision MAVI’s Commbucha as India’s representative for Kombucha and sustainable living. They believe that Kombucha should become a part of our culture, a healthy alternative to all the two-minute solutions!

About the Founders


Mashi is someone who has always lived life by her rules, in her unique, unapologetic manner. We see her embracing challenges with absolute ease and giving every situation her own colour. A natural risk taker, when asked how this journey of brewing and stirring is going for her, she said, “One place where I did not want to be was in the kitchen but as it turns out, I am enjoying it!” Exactly like Kombucha, Mashi comes in many avatars- a friend, partner in crime, boss-lady, activist and dog-lover. Around her, there is never a dull moment and she ensures keeping all the values of community and leadership absolutely intact with love, empathy and creativity!